Car Sickness Glasses


Introducing Car Sickness Glasses - Your Fast, Drug-Free Relief from Motion Sickness! Are you tired of feeling dizzy and nauseous during car rides, flights, or boat trips? Say goodbye to motion sickness with our innovative Car Sickness Glasses! FDA approved and known to be 95% effective, these glasses are the ultimate solution to reducing motion-induced discomfort. Simply wear them for 10 minutes or when you feel symptoms creeping in - the blue liquid inside the frame creates an artificial horizon, synchronizing visual information and cochlear signals to alleviate dizziness. No more vomiting, nausea, or anorexia within minutes! These glasses are comfortable for all head sizes and shapes, suitable for adults and children alike, and can even be worn over regular glasses. Weighing only 35g, they offer a lightweight, pressure-free experience. Safe for all ages, including the elderly, children, and pregnant women, our Car Sickness Glasses are the perfect gift for your loved ones. Plan your sea excursions, cruises, and road trips without fear, and enjoy every journey with confidence. Don't let motion sickness hold you back - trust our award-winning technology, recommended by doctors, and embrace every adventure with a smile.






Item Type: Car Sickness Glasses

Material: TPE

Color: White

Size: 15 x 13.3 x 5.2cm

Net Weight: 35g

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