Crystal Glow Lamp (Private Listing)


Elevate your living spaces with the exquisite Crystal Lamp – the ultimate mood enhancer for both your bedroom and living room. Boasting a groundbreaking diamond design, this lamp introduces a new era of simplistic and contemporary luxury. Its radiant brilliance, akin to that of a diamond, harmonizes seamlessly with its intricate 3D technology. Upon activation, the lamp conjures a mesmerizing 3D visual effect reminiscent of a blooming rose, captivating anyone in its presence. Enhancing your room's aesthetic, the Crystal Lamp infuses an aura of comfort and romance. Experience a kaleidoscope of ambiance with the lamp's impressive range of 16 colors. From warm tones to soothing whites, vibrant yellows to serene blues, and passionate reds, you have a palette of options to suit any mood. The lamp's versatility extends to its adjustable light intensity, catering to both soft ambient illumination and practical lighting needs. Engage with the Crystal Lamp through its innovative USB Switch/Touch Remote Design. Activate its brilliance with a simple switch, revealing a dance of captivating lights and shadows. Crafted from premium acrylic material, the lamp's design showcases a seamless blend of elegance and minimalism. With battery longevity in mind, the Crystal Lamp is accompanied by a USB charging cable. A mere 4 hours of charging yields a generous 12 hours of luminous enchantment. Illuminate your spaces with the magic of the Crystal Lamp, a testament to innovation and elegance.





Package Included: 
1 x Lamp 
1 x Charging Cable 
1 x Remote Control

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